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Corporate Yoga

Corporate yoga is on the rise because the benefits for employees and companies are increasingly recognized and yoga no longer has to be 'floating'. Thrive Yoga guarantees a tailor-made program including yoga and mindfulness with experienced teachers and trainers. With approximately 50 teachers and three physical locations in Amsterdam East, we are able to meet almost all your specific needs regarding lessons and workshops and guarantee the continuity of lessons. 

Thrive has a significant lead in Yoga for Business. Owner of Thrive Yoga, Marco Rodie was educated at Nyenrode Business University, among others, and has over 20 years of management experience. As a result, he knows better than anyone else how to translate Yoga into (effects) for employees and the company.

Why yoga in your company?

Some of the intended outcomes could be;

  • Increasing the Vitality and Concentration Ability of employees (including higher productivity).
  • Reduction of the (chance of) physical and psychological complaints such as stress, burn out and RSI (including lower absenteeism due to illness).
  • Increasing employee satisfaction and mutual cooperation (including lower staff turnover).

Business yoga is an affordable and proven effective tool and is specifically tailored to the business needs. The basic capabilities include;

  • Weekly lessons (45-75 minutes) on location during breaks or before / after office hours
  • Yoga introduction workshop
  • De-stress, relaxation and/or teambuilding workshops
  • Kick off for a Heidag or other Management event / meeting
  • Midnfulness introductions and courses

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is beneficial for your health and well-being. Practicing yoga regularly helps you to live fully and consciously. To 'Thriven'! Wondering if yoga is for you? This is what regular yoga practice puts you under…



Thrive has a diverse base of Yoga, Pilates and Mindfulness trainers. An overview of affiliated teachers can be found on our Teachers Page. Specialized trainings and workshops can also be given by the founder of Thrive Yoga, Marco Rodie and by the Iryna Ivanova.

Marco Rodie

Marco Rodie, founded Thrive Yoga in 2012 after a career in the Royal Netherlands Navy as a naval officer and a broad experience in business. That's how he was before he became an entrepreneur and yoga teacher; Operations manager at Simed, responsible for the development of hospitals (worldwide) and Delivery Manager at Capgemini (responsible for projects and project development). He now also uses this knowledge and experience in giving yoga lessons, training and education. 

Iryna Ivanovais

Iryna Ivanova is founder and owner of Iryna Business Yoga. Her focus is on reducing stress, increasing energy levels and improving performance in the corporate world. Iryna Ivanova is a certified mindfulness trainer and provides programs such as: Business Mindfulness, Stellar Performance and Emotional Intelligence. Iryna has an international business background and knows the challenges of working in an office environment. She has developed effective ways to reduce stress, regain focus and achieve inner peace.


Thrive Yoga has been teaching corporate yoga for various companies in Amsterdam since 2012. Some of our recent clients in recent years include:
  • fairphone
  • ING
  • Rabobank (via Talentfirst)
  • sandvik
  • Stevin Technology Consultants
  • WestlandUtrecht Bank
  • GoPro
  • Viacom

Contact Thrive Yoga for more information and/or a quote tailored to your business.


Thrive works with more than fifty committed and experienced yoga and Pilates teachers. All our teachers have an accredited training and several years of experience in teaching. Together they form the core of Thrive Yoga and they love to share their passion for yoga or pilates.

Two or five trial lessons of Yoga or Pilates

To give a good impression of Thrive Yoga, we offer you the choice to start with:

  • 2 trial lessons within 1 week (€ 17,-)
  • 5 trial lessons within 1 month (€35)

Lessons can be held in the studio, outdoor lessons as well as for livestream lessons being used! The perfect way to get acquainted with the different classes and teachers at Thrive. You can follow both Yoga and Pilates (of which a maximum of once Aerial). We advise you to try out different classes / teachers so that you can experience our varied offer. This introduction card offer is only available once if you have not taken classes with us before and only available if you live in Amsterdam (or neighboring municipalities).

You can take a separate trial lesson for Pregnancy Yoga for € 10,-. If you are already a Thrive member and have a ride card, you can also use it once for a trial lesson without additional payment.