New booking system

Online Yoga

With these lessons from your favorite Thrive teachers you can imagine yourself in the studio from home. There is the opportunity to see and speak to each other. For example, the teacher can even give instructions when you turn on your video image. In this way we bring the personal character of our studios into your living room.


With more than 60 classes per week, we have grown into one of the largest online yoga schools in the Netherlands. You will find the well-known Pilates classes and different Yoga styles. We offer unique 'livestream' lessons to ensure the interactive and personal nature of Thrive. There is a class that you can participate in at any time of the day. Watch the video at the bottom of this page for an impression of our `Livestream lessons' ('behind the scenes'):

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As usual, you can register in advance for a class via our class schedule. You can easily use or create your Thrive account for this. For the lessons you use your subscription or strip card. We sell individual online lessons, bus tickets and memberships for this (see   rates page). We now also offer a special online monthly subscription.

When booking, you will immediately receive the link for your lesson in the confirmation email ( from this email address: Business40611 If you have not received an email, check your spam box and otherwise contact us (the confirmation email will be sent automatically)A day before your lesson you will receive another reminder with the link again. You can easily click on it, but choose the link that applies to the right studio where the lesson will be broadcast (Oost-Zeeburg-IJburg-Online). Don't have the link or is something not working? Then mail to or app/text us if you want to speak to someone immediately: 06 180 30 909 or if not reachable: 06 57 66 26 87 (if you are in a hurry, please call or text us, because the mail is checked a few times a day) .

How does online yoga work?

It is best to follow the lesson on a tablet, laptop or computer that you place in front of your mat in a quiet place in the house. Do not turn up the volume too loud for the best effect (avoiding noise). A mobile phone often gives a lesser image / sound experience, but it is of course possible. For your first lesson you need to download the 'Zoom app', we advise you to do this well before the lesson. Then enter your name in Zoom with which you are also registered in the lesson so that the teacher can see who is participating in the lesson and check your registration (so do not come online with a pseudonym or name that is not registered).

Arrived in class you can choose GALLERY VIEW   to see everyone if SPEAKER VIEW to see the one who speaks big and the rest small, for the lesson this is the best option. You can double click on your teacher from Gallery view and she will remain in the large screen. From Gallery view, double click on the teacher statue (or Thrive logo) to pin it (PIN), this ensures that she remains large in the picture. For some lessons it is nice to leave your camera on so that the teacher can also see you, you can also turn it off (press the camera icon). It is nice if you turn off your microphone during class (MUTE) by clicking on the microphone icon.

Rates online lessons

Follow our unique online classes live from home. 

€ 1,-

Single lesson online
Valid for 1 month
Valid for 1 month

€ 125,-

10x online Class Card
Valid for 3 months
€ 12.50 per online lesson

€ 70,-

per month

Live Stream Membership
12x a month
Online only


Do you only want to take online classes? Opt for an online livestream 10-strip card (for €120), so you only pay €12 per livestream lesson. This card is only valid for our online classes. As long as the 1,5 meter Corona measure is in force, we will continue to offer a large part of our classes online and you can use this card.

Two or five trial lessons of Yoga or Pilates

To give a good impression of Thrive Yoga, we offer you the choice to start with:

  • 2 trial lessons within 1 week (€ 17,-)
  • 5 trial lessons within 1 month (€35)

Lessons can be held in the studio, outdoor lessons as well as for livestream lessons being used! The perfect way to get acquainted with the different classes and teachers at Thrive. You can follow both Yoga and Pilates (of which a maximum of once Aerial). We advise you to try out different classes / teachers so that you can experience our varied offer. This introduction card offer is only available once if you have not taken classes with us before and only available if you live in Amsterdam (or neighboring municipalities).

You can take a separate trial lesson for Pregnancy Yoga for € 10,-. If you are already a Thrive member and have a ride card, you can also use it once for a trial lesson without additional payment.