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Private Yoga

Originally, the knowledge of Yoga was transferred only 1:1 from Guru (teacher) to student. With this direct and personal way, an optimal coordination of knowledge transfer and experience is possible. For practical reasons, we give many yoga classes in groups in the West. But from an individual lesson with a teacher chosen by you, the lessons can be tailored more specifically to your development and needs.  

Why private lessons?

For example, you can make a choice for private lessons because you; 

  • Rather take a yoga or Pilates class alone (or together with a friend) than in a group.
  • Want to determine your location and times of your yoga practice yourself
  • Looking for depth in your (yoga) path and/or personal development

Private lessons from Thrive Yoga become 'custom made'   tailored to you. We determine the approach and initial objectives together by telephone, which we confirm during the first session. Some possibilities of focus may be; building physical strength, endurance and flexibility, reduction of stress, deepening in conscious living, attention to physical complaints (including back, neck, RSI related), support with life choices (using the yoga philosophy). Call or email us for your personal Yoga or Pilates class.

Cost of private lessons 

A single private lesson costs € 75,- for 1 person / 1 hour. If you come with two people for a private lesson, you pay a surcharge of € 25. A five-ride ticket for private lessons costs € 325 (you pay € 65 per lesson) 

€ 75,-

Private lessons
60 minutes
1 credit
Valid for 1 year

€ 85,-

Private lessons
75 minutes
1 credit
Valid for 1 year

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is beneficial for your health and well-being. Practicing yoga regularly helps you to live fully and consciously. To 'Thriven'! Wondering if yoga is for you? This is what regular yoga practice puts you under…


Yoga Therapy

Just as you can work 'custom made' in a private lesson on a specific question, this is also possible in the Yoga therapy sessions. It uses aspects of traditional Yoga and Ayurveda, such as Pranayama (breathing techniques), Asanas (postures), Meditation, Self-inquiry, Yoga philosophy and Ayurveda (healthy lifestyle). The approach is very practical and supportive and aimed at more well-being and balance (Svastha Yoga). Your body and system are looked at in a holistic way, then a tailor-made program is made.

It is Yoga with a therapeutic approach that is suitable for recovery, illness, malfunctioning and balancing body and mind. The goal is always supportive and focused on better functioning. In addition, the sessions will give you more insight and guidelines, so that you can take optimal care of yourself. Yoga therapy is suitable when you;

  • have injuries (for example: back, shoulders, hips, neck);
  • Are in a disease process or are recovering
  • Burnout or Stress related complaints
  • Have depressive symptoms or difficulty with everyday pressures (not clinical depression)
  • suffer from insomnia
  • Not feeling well

If you have a specific question, it is good to explain this in a short email. There will always be an honest assessment of whether Yoga therapy can do something for you. Pay attention! Yoga therapy does not replace a psychotherapist or physiotherapist. Yoga therapy can be supportive in that case.

Yoga therapy costs

A single session of Yoga Therapy (first time) lasts one and a half hours and costs €95. The session consists of a personal intake and the preparation of a yoga therapy individual program. You can use this as a basis to get started on your own. Or you can opt for the complete treatment package and follow-up sessions.

Single session: €95 (90 minutes)

A single session of Yoga Therapy (first time) lasts one and a half hours and costs € 95,-. The session consists of a personal intake and the preparation of a yoga therapy individual program (at least three techniques that we make together on the spot). You can use this as a basis to get started on your own. Or you can opt for the complete treatment package and follow-up sessions.

Complete treatment package: € 169,-

Consisting of:

  • An intake (1 hour)
  • A personalized yoga therapy program (developed after the intake by the therapist)
  • A yoga therapy session (1 hour) in which we practice the program
  • Digital handout and follow-up by e-mail.

Follow up sessions: 

Follow up sessions of 60/75 minutes have the same rates as our private lessons, so opt for a single follow-up session (after one of the above options) for € 75/85 or a package of five for € 325/375 (60 or 75 minutes respectively).

Anneke Louise

Anneke is a lover of life, connectivity and what drives people to develop and inspire. This motivated her to pursue an international career in sustainable business and talent development, and it also fueled her passion for yoga. First as an avid practitioner and student, and later as a teacher, she was able to experience the deep healing power of yoga. As a yoga and meditation teacher, and certified yoga therapist, she now focuses on supporting others on their journey to greater physical, mental-emotional and spiritual well-being. To bring about a better integration between our 'inside' and 'outside world'.

Burcin OzyurekI

I met yoga in 1999 in istanbul, it was a weekly practice which brought a significant tranquility to my life. when i moved to amsterdam in 2005, i wanted to continue my life sharing this beautiful teaching of yoga. i have started my training with hatha and continued with yin, vinyasa, prenatal & postnatal teacher training. the yoga therapy approach have a big impact on my teaching and how i observe any individual need through out the class.

Yoga teachers

Thrive works with more than fifty committed and experienced yoga and Pilates teachers. All our teachers have an accredited training and several years of experience in teaching. Together they form the core of Thrive Yoga and they love to share their passion for yoga or pilates.



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Two or five trial lessons of Yoga or Pilates

To give a good impression of Thrive Yoga, we offer you the choice to start with:

  • 2 trial lessons within 1 week (€ 17,-)
  • 5 trial lessons within 1 month (€35)

Lessons can be held in the studio, outdoor lessons as well as for livestream lessons being used! The perfect way to get acquainted with the different classes and teachers at Thrive. You can follow both Yoga and Pilates (of which a maximum of once Aerial). We advise you to try out different classes / teachers so that you can experience our varied offer. This introduction card offer is only available once if you have not taken classes with us before and only available if you live in Amsterdam (or neighboring municipalities).

You can take a separate trial lesson for Pregnancy Yoga for € 10,-. If you are already a Thrive member and have a ride card, you can also use it once for a trial lesson without additional payment.