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Since 2013, Thrive Yoga offers an ongoing professional Mindfulness program with certified trainers in the peaceful environment of the yoga school. The popular 8-week Mindfulness training sessions are given on Sunday afternoons in our quiet studio in Amsterdam Zeeburg. In this training you will receive weekly practical and effective exercises that you can apply directly in the practice of life, both at home and at work. Do you want to know and experience more about it first to see if it suits you? Then follow the introductory workshop. In addition, you can also opt for an Individual Mindfulness Program with one of our trainers or a new Online Mindful Lifestyle Program. 

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mindfulness; coming home to yourself The practice of mindfulness helps you to live fully here and now, and to enjoy this beautiful and challenging existence on earth. And challenging it certainly is. We become vulnerable…


Proven effective

Mindfulness training is training with a clearly defined program. Also Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction training, whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven. The American Jon Kabat-Zinn has brought mindfulness together with Western psychological insights in the eight-week mindfulness training, which has been around for more than 35 years and has been proven to be effective through extensive scientific research. Research shows that mindfulness training leads to a higher quality of life and positive changes in cognitive and neurobiological functioning. Mindfulness also transforms the way a person looks at themselves and the world and then reacts to it.

The benefits of mindfulness

The benefits of mindfulness are extensive. mindfulness is also often seen as the training to prevent or combat stress and burn outs. Some concrete benefits (with scientific basis):

  • Mindfulness helps you to focus better
  • Mindfulness leads to better focus
  • Mindfulness helps to organize your thoughts
  • Cope better with stress
  • To be guided less by emotions
  • Enjoy the moment more
  • Mindfulness increases your empathy and compassion

Individual mindfulness trajectory

All the benefits of a Mindfulness training and more attention to personal issues. Individual mindfulness sessions provide more space for recognizing and transforming patterns and healing of (old) emotional wounds by experiencing emotions that are activated by thoughts about events from the past. The training can be followed with one of our trainers, online or on location. For example on Sabine's boat, on the Borneokade. The price for the individual trajectory of 10 sessions in three months is € 1145,-

8-week mindfulness training

Mindfulness strives to teach you how to become “Mindful”. That is, how you can learn to live fully in the here and now and to fully enjoy everything around you in the now-moment. The eight-week training is a practical training in attention, letting go and non-judgment through, among other things, concentration exercises and meditations. The training consists of 8 weekly meetings of more than 2 hours and an (optional) practice afternoon in silence. You will receive a workbook and CDs (hardcopy or digital) to practice with at home and practical assignments that help you pay attention to daily activities.

We start a new training every two to three months on Sunday afternoons (15:45-18:00) in our thrive Zeeburg studio (Sumatrakade 1, Amsterdam). The training courses are often eligible for reimbursement by health insurers. Do you want to know and experience more about it first to see if it suits you? Then follow the introductory workshop. 

Find the upcoming workouts below.

The 2022 training courses can be followed in the well-ventilated Zeeburg studio with a maximum of 8 participants. Or be followed via a livestream connection at home or from vacation. 


  • € 350 incl. VAT private (eight meetings from 2 to 2.5 hours)
  • €320 online
  • € 350,- excl. VAT business self-employed
  • € 550 excl. VAT for employer (when training is reimbursed)

Including personal intake (by appointment).
Optional: silence day € 45 (extra session)

Mindfulness is tax deductible for private individuals (for training courses > €250) as well as self-employed persons and employers. Training can be reimbursed by more and more insurers with certified mindfulness trainers. Here you can check whether your health insurer reimburses Mindfulness Training.

Thrive mindfulness trainers

Cecile Mertens

Cecile Mertens, is a member of the professional association VMBN cat. 1 which makes her training courses eligible for reimbursement from multiple insurers. Here you can check whether your health insurer reimburses Mindfulness Training. She provides yoga, coaching and mindfulness training to both adults and children. drawing on more than 30 years of experience in the field of awareness and spiritual deepening; many forms of yoga, meditation, bodywork and psychotherapy. She regularly follows longer (silent) retreats with her teacher in India. Cecile's training can be given in Dutch or English.

Iryna Ivanova

Iryna Ivanova is founder and owner of Iryna Business Yoga. Her focus is on reducing stress, increasing energy levels and improving performance in the corporate world. Iryna Ivanova is a certified mindfulness trainer and provides programs such as: Business Mindfulness, Stellar Performance and Emotional Intelligence. Iryna has an international business background and knows the challenges of working in an office environment. She has developed effective ways to reduce stress, regain focus and achieve inner peace. Iryna collaborates with international teams and business professionals for increased productivity, sustained motivation, inner peace, positive thinking, new healthy mental habits and a more fulfilled and happy life, both at work and at home.

Sabine van der Post

Mindfulness teaches me to appreciate life in every moment as it is. To live from an open mind, an open heart and open will. To marvel at the beauty of the here and now and to embrace the slips and challenges time and again with compassion and awareness. I don't have to hold on to thoughts, stress, doubt, or pain. I don't have to resist either. I always end up experiencing the oneness that I am; individual, ego AND its consciousness, a part of all that is alive and in constant motion. Here and now. I realize that life moves through me. The meditation techniques and mindfulness teaching give me that insight, I would like to pass it on.

Reviews from participants in the mindfulness training

“Best investment ever”

All in all, the training with Cecile has been a highly transformative and a healing experience. I would recommend it to everyone as it is the best investment into yourself and your family you can ever make.  

– Zuzana (2018)

daily tools

Overall, I was very happy with the course, its structure and the results I am step-by-step obtaining. Cecile did a really great job and provided me with tools I can daily use to try keeping a more aware, relaxed and positive approach to life. Thank you so much Cecile. 

– Mateo (2019)

“Practical approach”

I can wholeheartedly recommend Sabine's mindfulness training. An investment in yourself that I wish everyone. Important things I have learned are to live more in the now, to listen to my body, to look at my thoughts as an 'observer', to accept (annoying) things instead of suppressing them and above all to let mindfulness become a permanent part of my daily life. Sabine takes a practical approach in her mindfulness classes, which I found a breath of fresh air. 

– Naomi (Mindfulness Training 2019)

“Satisfied, calmer, friendlier”

Small steps, big changes. Sabine showed us in a pleasant and clear way that Mindfulness is available to everyone and not difficult, and that small insights (and conscious application!) can lead to big changes in your life. I myself doubted for a long time whether it could be something for me. Because you are just the way you are, I thought. But you can change the way you see and react to things. And it was precisely there that I had the space to now feel much more satisfied, calmer and friendlier. This is the kind of training I would have liked to have done 10 years earlier, and which I would like to recommend to everyone. 

– Suzanne (Mindfulness Training 2019)

“Loving Guidance”

I really learned a lot. Among other things, more insight into my automatic stress reactions, my ways of communicating, in negative thoughts, my energy guzzlers, and breathing. But I am also much more aware of the signals in my body. I learned that emotions can be felt differently, without the stories around them, and that you can then get in touch with the core. In general I notice that I appreciate the present moment much more and experience it more consciously. Cecile's loving guidance was very nice. It's really different from just practicing at home, because you share your experiences for a longer period of time, learn a lot about the theory, get specific exercises, can ask questions and always have support.'

– Janna (2018)

Two or five trial lessons of Yoga or Pilates

To give a good impression of Thrive Yoga, we offer you the choice to start with:

  • 2 trial lessons within 1 week (€ 17,-)
  • 5 trial lessons within 1 month (€35)

Lessons can be held in the studio, outdoor lessons as well as for livestream lessons being used! The perfect way to get acquainted with the different classes and teachers at Thrive. You can follow both Yoga and Pilates (of which a maximum of once Aerial). We advise you to try out different classes / teachers so that you can experience our varied offer. This introduction card offer is only available once if you have not taken classes with us before and only available if you live in Amsterdam (or neighboring municipalities).

You can take a separate trial lesson for Pregnancy Yoga for € 10,-. If you are already a Thrive member and have a ride card, you can also use it once for a trial lesson without additional payment.