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The Pilates method is an effective body workout that strengthens and stretches muscle groups simultaneously to create a flexible body. All movements originate from the centre of the body and are supported by the deep abdominal muscles, the pelvic floor muscles and the stabilizing (back) muscles around the spine.

Thrive Pilates class

A (Core) Pilates mat class at thrive consists of an alternating series of stabilizing and mobilizing exercises on the mat. Exercise balls and so-called thera bands (elastics) are also used in the classes to help you to become more aware of your body and movements. Sign up now for your first Pilates class via this link.

Pilates benefits

  • Let go of tension and stress
  • Prevent 'burn out'
  • Sharpening the mind
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Develop physical awareness
  • Building strength and flexibility
  • Increased endurance
  • Tackling physical complaints

Pilates vs Yoga

Yoga is an ancient philosophy with the objective of meditation using a physical practice. Pilates is much more recent (100 years old) and is directly focused on the physical aspect without the philosophy of Yoga. In practice, they are complementary and it is good to practice both sports. A clear overview of the similarities and differences can be found under this ‘ Pilates vs Yoga’ link. The best off course is to experience both!

Pilates background

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates (1880-1967) and follows the principles of conscious controlled movement. The Pilates Method is a calm exercise method aimed at a correct posture, strengthening core muscles (powerhouse), proper breathing and proper execution of the exercises. This improves flexibility, posture and coordination. As with Yoga Pilates is practiced with intense concentration and specific breathing.


"In ten sessions you will notice the difference, in twenty sessions you will see the difference; within thirty sessions you will have a whole new body " - Joseph Pilates