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Thrive offers ongoing pregnancy yoga classes weekly in all three studios (6 open classes per week), which you can follow during your whole pregnancy. Besides, you can also join a short birth preparation course that consists of 4 workshops of 2 hours (optional partly together with your partner). After the birth of your baby we offer postnatal yoga classes, which you can join together with your baby. All classes and workshops are English spoken. Look in our class schedules to find the pre-natla class timimgs;  Yogastudio IJburg (IJburglaan),  Yogastudio Zeeburg (Sumatrakade) and  Yogastudio Oost (Tweede Atjehstraat). With this concept thrive is offering an unique programm before and after birth of your baby!


You can join the lessons any time during your pregnancy, weather or not you already have experience with yoga. We recommend an early start, from 12 weeks on already, and you can continue till short before your birth. The regular practice of specific, gentle but powerful yoga postures will provide you fitness and well-being, strength and flexibility at the same time. Meditation, relaxation and deep breathing exercises will help creating an inner space that allows a harmonious contact to grow and blossom with your transforming self and your baby. For a trial class click here. Buy a € 10 trial pass and simply book your first class.


This course of four workshops is designed specifically to prepare you and your partner for the birth of your baby. You will learn about the hormonal physiology of childbirth, different techniques, positions, movements, breathing, sounding, visualization excercises, acupressure points and other natural pain relief methods that will help you surrender to the waves of the process. Your partner will also get practical tools to find his role standing by your side and support you on this transformative journey. The course will help you to surrender to the natrual process and have an empowering birth experience. The course consists of 4 two-hours’ workshops, two of which are partner classes. It starts regularly, every second months. The course can be followed separately, or parallel to the ongoing yoga classes. To sign up for the upcoming course, click here.

POSTNATAL YOGA (mother baby)

Being born and and giving birth are two of the most impactful events in life. After birth, both mother and baby need time to heal, settle down and get used to the new situation; the first weeks as a mother of a(nother) little baby and the first weeks of life outside the womb. 
This 4-week Postnatal Mommy and Baby Yoga course offers the opportunity to gently move with your baby and other mothers, to relax the body, build new strength and share personal experiences. We do postnatal yoga exercises with and without the baby, that aim to strengthen the pelvic floor, abdomen, hips and back and relaxing the neck and shoulders. 
We also spend time focusing on topics that are relevant to most new mothers, such as processing the birth experience, and we will practice mini-meditations to find mindfulness in your new parenting role. The babies can follow their own rhythms in class. They can nurse, sleep or play while you are near. For mothers and babies from 6 weeks of age until crawling age.

Courses in Zeeburg  / Oost studio, now each two months
Click here for more info and sign up Oost  studio

Courses in our IJburg studio, starts each two months
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If the links are not working, or you want to know all future dates: go to the 'courses overview' to see all uypcoming courses


Pregnancy and childbirth is a natural process of incredible transformation of body, soul and psyche. All changes are aiming by nature to create an optimal environment for your developing baby. Our lessons are designed to support your process of adjusting to these changes on all levels. Your growing trust and confidence in the natural powers of your own body, will give you support to let the process of birth unfold in whichever circumstances you choose for.


Depending on how many weeks you would like follow the pre-and postnatal yoga classes, you can choose from a 6, 12, 18 or 24 weeks card. The costs vary depending of your card between €13 and €16 per class.

A trial class costs €10. A single class costs €20

The birth preparation course of 4 workshops costs all in all €160 for you and your partner together (if you also join the prenatal classes). Click here for an overview of the costs.

Post natal course of 4 weeks costs 72 euro, a single post natal class with baby is 22 euro.