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Thrive teacher training 2019

A profound and personal journey into the world of yoga

We are proud to announce that our next 200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training kicks off in September 2019! Our Yoga Alliance certified training with Yin fundamentals creates a strong foundation in yoga basics for yoga practitioners and future yoga teachers. The training takes you deep into the layers of your personal experience and invites you to dive into a process of cultivating inner wisdom and self-knowledge.

Thrive Yoga values personal attention and an individual approach to the practice of yoga. At the beginning of the training, you will therefore be assigned a small mentor group in which you will be supported and guided in your personal yoga journey by one of our main Thrive TT teachers and your fellow students. The intimacy of the mentor group holds space for conversation, reflection and personal connection.

The strong foundation in yoga basics originates in the functional approach to yoga developed by Paul and Suzee Grilley. Every human is unique and has a unique anatomy and personal story. During the training you’ll learn about major skeletal variations in the human body and how to teach yoga from a functional and personal perspective. Not only do you learn a lot about yourself, your anatomy and your story, you will also learn a lot about your fellow students by observing their bodies in different types of asanas. By observing and understanding differences, you’ll learn to teach yoga inclusively, with respect and compassion for everyone in your class room.

Last but not least, you’re introduced to yoga philosophy in an engaging and personal way. You will be asked to reflect on your conceptualization of yoga as a spiritual path and personal journey into the self. We are confident that our personal approach in your teacher training not only creates a wonderful immersion into the spiritual practice of yoga, but that it will also send strong, capable and authentic yoga teachers into the world.

For you?

For future yoga teachers who want to create a strong foundation in yoga basics, but also for yogis who want to dive deep into the spiritual practice of yoga. We will guide you on either path you may choose.


The lectures and workshops are both theoretical and practical in nature:

During the monthly Asana In Depth workshops we spend time looking at every Asana individually. We practice and discuss every Asana to fully understand its functions and physical variations. Our goal is to instil a knowledge base that allows you to teach Asana in a safe and profound way, and to adjust/assist students in Asanas effectively.

We dive deep into the world of Yoga Philosophy and Psychology with Channah and Sanne. Aside from the classical and modern history and forms of yoga, you’re introduced to the key Yoga texts (Sutra’s of Patanjali, Bhagavad Gita) and fundamentals of Yoga Philosophy.

During the Anatomy workshops offered by Michal land Jorinde, you develop an understanding of the physical body through the eyes of a functional yoga teacher. How does the body move? Aside from discussing joints, muscles and basic physiology, we focus on understanding how physical movement stimulates the flow of vital life energy (chi) in the body (understanding how anatomy and yoga theory are closely connected).

How do you present yourself in front of a group? How do you use your voice? How do you move through the room? How do you teach yoga from the heart? We will address these questions and many more during the Teaching Skills workshops.

There is no Yang without Yin, and therefore, we spend time studying the fundamentals of Yin Yoga and its theory of practice. What is the goal of Yin Yoga? How does Yin Yoga affect the body and the flow of chi? How do you incorporate a Yin pose in your classes? We promise that getting a taste of Yin Yoga, invites you to dive much deeper into a practice that opens up new doorways into the self.

Prana, Chi, vital life energy: during these workshops we make the significant connection between Yoga theory and philosophy and Yoga Practice with key questions such as: What is prana/chi? What does it mean to influence prana and chi in the body and what are the key (breath and bandha) practices?

During these sessions with Sanne we create a solid foundation for a personal meditation practice. You’re introduced to different meditation techniques and we spend time reflecting on your own personal journey through the layers of our experience.

During the Vinyasa & Flow sessions, you are introduced to the concept of flow as a moving meditation. You’ll learn about the meaning of Vinyasa, how to sequence a flow class and how to incorporate an effective warming up and cooling down. We’ll practice talking students through a flow, using key cues and tone of voice.

Every other weekend, we get together in our mentor groups to share, practice, reflect and repeat. We create safe setting in which we hold space to speak from the heart and to listen to each other’s experiences.


Our Teacher Training team consists of four experienced thrive teachers;   Marco Rodie, Jorinde Verzijl, Channah van Dootingh en Sanne Jennen. All four with thousands of teaching hours and various international trainings from e.g. Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers (Yin), David Life en Sharon Gannon (Jivamukti). The naatomy classes will be teached by our Fysiotherapist   Michal Brosh




We have found a beautifull and calm location for our training:  ' De Akademie voor Massage en Beweging' in Amsterdam Noord. De Akademie is located at Wingerdweg 32 and is easy to reach from Central Station. We will have the availability of a large light room (120 m2) and several other spaces and a garden ! A place completely fitted for our purpose of training yoga teachers. 



The training will start in september 2019 and will be 9 weekends (one per month). The following weekends are no scheduled:
2019:   13 sept. (Kick off) -  4-6 okt.  -  15-17 nov.  -  29 nov.-1 dec.
2020:    10-12 jan.   -  7-9 feb.  -  6-8 mrt  -  10-12 apr.  -   15-17 mei   -  12-14 juni
vrijdag     18:30 - 21:30
zaterdag  09:00 - 17:00
zondag    09:00 - 17:30

2400 2550 2700

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