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Fertility Yoga program at Thrive Yoga

Thrive Yoga is supporting its community in so many ways and we are here to guide you in your fertility yoga journey, helping you create balanced body-mind conditions for future pregnancy. Yoga has been known for years to help increase circulation in your reproductive organs, breathing and mindfulness practice- have been proven to help release stress supporting the process of healthy ovulation and successful conception. Thrive Yoga offers “Your Fertility Yoga Rituals” program - based on fertility yoga and breathwork, meditation and mindfulness for stress relief - so important and impactful in your fertility journey.

Your Fertility Yoga Rituals program

Thrive Yoga offers “Your Fertility Yoga Rituals” online program that combines:

  • intake interview with our fertility yoga teacher
  • followed by 15 days online fertility program
  • daily 15-20 minutes fertility rituals in line with your pre-during-post ovulation cycle
  • final recommendations review with our fertility yoga teacher
  • personal attention, support and guidance throughout duration of the program and after

This program will allow you to take a deep dive into fertility, support your body and mind with lovingly designed fertility yoga postures, breathing practices, fertility-inspired meditations, self-massage and other self-care rituals, empowering and preparing yourself for a successful conception and creating space for future life within you.

Price for the full program is 175 euro (incl 21% VAT).


Who this program is for

Your Fertility Yoga Rituals program is for women who would like to get pregnant and like to support their body and mind in this fertility process. This program is also suitable for women who have gone through miscarriage and like to support their body in post-recovery period, prepare for trying to conceive again. We recommend to start it minimum 2-3 weeks after a miscarriage.

This program is ideal for women going through a conception treatment like IVF or IUI to support them in releasing physical discomfort and releasing stress. The uniqueness of this program is that it is aligned with your own cycle, running in parallel with your conception (treatment) process and maximizing your chances of getting pregnant by the end of your cycle. To learn more about the program, you can mail us here.

Your Fertility Yoga guide Iryna Odessa -

Our fertility yoga teacher and well-being guide - will be supporting you in this journey. Having gone through a painful miscarriage herself, Iryna Odessa has over 10 years of experience of teaching yoga, breathing, mindfulness and is passionate about supporting women in their fertility journey and then pregnancy time. Here is what Iryna says about about her experience:

“After going through a painful miscarriage, I have realized that yoga and body-mind rituals can be amazing natural healing tools and a wonderful way to prepare for fertility. Based on my experience, I have built a program to empower women, like myself and yourself, to make our bodies a welcoming home for a new life, to do it naturally and in our own time and space.”

For more questions, you can mail us here. To learn more about Iryna Odessa, you can find her Instagram here.