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From an early age Claudia has been intrigued by how the human system works and then especially how to bring the physical,emotional,mental and energeticbody in line and work together in the best possible way.This fascination brought her to paticipate several yoga teachertrainings in all kind of different yogastyles like Satyananda yoga (Ashiyana India),Ashtanga Vinyasa (Yoga Centrum Utrecht),Vinyasa (Yogagarden), Hatha (Amsterdam Yoga Centrum),Yoga Nidra (Raja yoga opleiding) Yin yoga (Sarah Powers Londen). Always keen to immerse herself futher in her passion for knowledge she succesfully completed  an intensive training in the pupillage of Vera Helleman(founder Emotion Expertise Centre) where she, beside being a yogateacher, also became an emotioncoach. During her classes Claudia is using all the powerful insights and technics she learnt from great teachers allong her path. She offers options, what creates the possibility of adjusting each pose to how it suits your body best. Beside the technical aspect of yoga she encourages a mindful approach during her classes.

“To me, most of all, yoga is a journey inside, to open up our hearts and focus our awareness so that we can understand what we already know and become the best versions of ourselves”

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