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Grazia started exploring the world of Yoga more than 30 years ago when she encountered Okido Yoga. In the nineties she started practicing in the Iyengar Centre in Amsterdam. Begin of 2000 she started Ashtanga Yoga practice, and later met her favorite yoga the Vinyasa Style (linking the breath to the movement). After the Svaha’s Teacher Training Course (2003/2004), Grazia started giving classes at the Svaha Yoga studio in Amsterdam and she worked there for seven years. She gave classes also in other Yoga Studios and in several sport schools. Grazia has been inspired by many teachers, amongst whom Sharon Gannon and David Life (founders of Jivamukti Yoga).

Grazia loves the challenge of teaching any kind of Yoga class, for beginners, as well as for advanced students. Being helpful and kind to everyone as approaching yoga is a very important matter to her. "The biggest challenge for me is to lead the beginner in the class creating a joyful environment with that steady help that prevents any injure. Loving the differences of everyone is the key for a peaceful practice.

I also like to take the more seasoned students in to deeper poses, through which they can learn, by keeping the breath steady and a peaceful mind, how to face the challenges of every day’s life. I like to see the class as a song, everyone sings differently and I am there to make sure everybody sings the same song”.

“I bow forward to all the masters I encountered in my life and the beautiful teachings. I was blessed to receive. For every step you make towards God, God makes one hundred steps towards you”. OM SHANTI

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