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Gretchen has been in love with movement from a young age. She began dance lessons at age four and was introduced to yoga through her dance training as a way to increase strength and flexibility.  She had been practicing yoga for a decade before she became truly passionate about the practice, finding her home at Laughing Lotus in San Francisco. Gretchen completed her 200-hour teacher training in Laughing Lotus’s signature style, Lotus Flow, in 2012. Since then she has completed another 100 hours of training, focusing on Vinyasa Sequencing and Chakras.

Gretchen’s classes connect movement and breath with the flow of a dance.  With her 20 years of experience of teaching movement, first as a dance instructor and now teaching yoga, she is a clear, confident and calm presence in the studio. With creative sequencing, anatomical awareness and a sense of lightness, Gretchen encourages her fellow yogis to find their own expression of the yoga practice and creates an empowering environment where they can move, breathe and smile like themselves


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