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I am a birth doula from Hungary and I have arrived to yoga through my doula work. I live in Amsterdam with my husband and our two little girls.I decided to become a doula after my own first and also beautiful birth experience. I am dedicated to share my knowledge and my personal positive experience with you and become your professional sidekick all along the way. As a doula my main job is to listen to your needs and wishes during your preparation for birth and labour; to help you become confident and content about your choices and for you to be able to concentrate only on yourself, your partner and your baby on one of the most unforgettable days of your lives.

During my first pregnancy in 2010 I have discovered the maternity yoga practices developed by Francois Barbira Freedman; what I have learnt helped me prepare for giving birth physically and mentally and also helped me exercise safely while expecting.

I find body awareness particularly important during pregnancy. I truly believe that by understanding what is happening in your changing body and actually experiencing these changes by moving around can have a huge impact not only on the birthing process itself but also on how your transition into motherhood is perceived.

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