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Originally from Dallas, Texas, Julie completed her education in Dance Performance (BFA) and Business Management (BBA) in 2013 at Southern Methodist University. She moved to Germany in 2014 to work as a professional dancer in a 'West Side Story’ production and pursue more contemporary dance training. A chronic injury flare-up led her to re-discover pilates. She became more and more curious about the method — the detailed approach of pilates and the increased body awareness gained from it helped her understand her pain and work more intelligently. In 2015, she decided to do the Polestar Pilates Mat education so that she could share with others the joy that pilates brought back into her life.

In her classes, she hopes to teach students to move mindfully and with attention to sensations of how movements feel in order to get the most benefit out of each exercise. She also likes to mix it up now and then by combining pilates exercises with ideas and concepts from her dance training. From a solid foundation and a healthy progression towards more challenging movement, we can really go anywhere!

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