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Laura Bohn is a singing yogini who practices opening her heart a bit more every day. She has been practicing yoga and meditation for 20 years and teaching yoga for 10, certified at OM Yoga in New York City.  Laura loves that every time on the yoga mat offers a new opportunity to arrive in presence and listen to the body. Her classes aim to create space for each and every body, mind and heart to open up. Her vinyasa class combines creative sequencing with a strong emphasis on alignment based on the teachings of Iyengar. In a playful and supportive environment students move through a steady sequence of strength and flexibility building postures which offer a challenge at every level. 

Laura believes that yoga practice can be at once personal and communal, the chance to meet yourself on the mat with compassion and acceptance in the company of others, and always with a healthy dose of humor. As a professional opera singer she brings the anatomy of breath and mindfulness of breathing as well as pranayama practice into her teachings.  Be ready to dive into classes full of heart opening and core stabilizing, back bending, laughter, hip and shoulder opening, philosophical tidbits, inversions and some joyful sweating.  She relishes sharing this sacred practice with her students.

Proeflessen: 2 voor € 17 of 5 voor € 35