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"With her background as a contemporary dancer, Marina has a deep understanding of the body and a keen eye for correct alignment and movement. She loves to create a fun class with flow and variety.

Marina has lived in New York for several years, where she received her Pilates Mat certification in 2013 through Teri Steele. She recently moved back to Amsterdam and is now enrolled in the renowned Polestar Pilates training on all apparatus. Marina is also pre/post-natal certified and has a lot of experience working with pregnant clients.

In her classes, she is excited to pass on her love and appreciation for movement. By focussing on the Pilates principles, the goal in class is to make you feel longer, lighter and stronger with more energy when leaving class. She enjoys to help people finding a better understanding of their own body, to find relief in their joints and muscles and to improve their posture in daily life.

Marina is originally from the Netherlands and can teach both in English & Dutch.”

Proeflessen: 2 voor € 17 of 5 voor € 35