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The purpose of the practice of yoga is to experience the unity of body, mind, heart and soul.

After many years of practicing yoga postures on the mat, i became more curious about the true purpose of yoga. To practice yoga on and off the mat.
I keep learning, exploring and wondering myself about all the things, i didn’t know before.

To feel every bodily sensation, to be ok with whatever shows up. Breathe, Relax and let go of all tensions…… feel the prana flowing through the body. Your journey begins from where you are. It cannot begin from where you are not.( by Yogi Desai)

I did Reiki with my mother and sisters in my twenties. My first Yoga Teacher Training was the Vinyasa Yoga by Johan Noorloos and at the same time i started the TD Meditation and Singing bowls course by Hilda Postema. My second Teacher Training was the Yin Yoga by Anat Geiger & Marcel Visser. I joined The Rigpa  Energetic Healing I,II by Jose Antonio Manchado. I am practicing Yoga Nidra every day so my next step was a Yoga Nidra Teacher Training by Kamini Desai. I had the great opportunity to go to Denmark for level 1 and 2 and to Iceland for the Advanced Teacher Training. What an amazing experience!

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