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Paula Montecinos is a chilean dancer and performer. She completed her dance education in the University of Christian Humanism Academy, and is currently following the MA program DAS Choreography in the University of the Arts in Amsterdam. Her wider curiosity about body and movement lead her to involved with somatics practices as Klein Technique and craneosacral practice, integrating therapeutic approaches in her pilates teaching practice.

In her classes you will work from an integrative perspective of physical, mental and emotional health, developing a greater awareness of your movements, and achieve a more harmonious and balanced results in your body. The practice will focus in get the most benefit out of each exercise, challenging your body practice to optimal use of the efforts, alignment and connection. The session are built progressively so you can work intensively and gentle at the same time, respecting your own process in the pilates practice, and work with experiential keys of your own anatomy, generating changes and transformations in your quality of life and optimize the expressions of your movement and bodily states.

Proeflessen: 2 voor € 17 of 5 voor € 35